Mass Tort Lawsuit Of The Week – Tepezza Lawsuit

Patients who received Tepezza and later suffered from hearing loss or tinnitus started suing Horizon for product liability last summer. According to the Tepezza lawsuits, Horizon was negligent in failing to adequately inform physicians and patients about the actual degree of hearing loss risk posed by Tepezza.

There have already been some Tepezza hearing damage claims brought against Horizon in federal court. In the Northern District of Illinois, where Horizon has its corporate headquarters, the cases were filed in August and September.

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Hair Straightener/Relaxer Lawsuit

In the Southern District of Georgia, the first hair relaxer lawsuit involving injuries other than uterine
cancer has just been filed. The plaintiff claims that after regularly using hair relaxer products since she
was just six years old, she eventually developed uterine fibroids at age 22. Her uterine fibroids caused
extreme pain, and she underwent surgery to remove them in 2011. The uterine fibroids occurred again
just eight years later.

According to the lawsuit, Gamble’s usage of hair relaxers made by the defendants led to the develop-
ment of uterine fibroids. It lists L’Oreal and several other cosmetic businesses as defendants.

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Juul Labs Inc. has agreed to pay $1.7 billion in a broad legal settlement.

“They’re having to give a lot of that money back,” Mikal Watts speaks on Juul Settlement.

JUUL Labs announced thousands of case settlements in litigation over unethical product production and marketing to minors (MDL 2913, IN RE: Juul Labs, Inc. Marketing, Sales Practices & Products Liability Litigation) totaling $1.7 billion dollars.

The E-Cigarette producer announced the settlement last week and say equity investments have been secured to fund the settlements.


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